American fuzzy lop

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American fuzzy lop:
Weight: 3 to 4 pounds.

Body Type: These little rabbits have an extensive, flatted "bulldog" confront and hacked ears, and look to some degree like a Holland Lop with long hide. They have been reared in various hues.

Extraordinary Care: This is a fleece breed and will require broad every day preparing and a unique eating routine.

The American Fuzzy Lop has history that is interlaced with that of the Holland Lop. Some time ago the Holland Lop rabbit was just accessible in strong hues, and raisers needed to add a broken example to the quality pool. To do that, they reared their Holland Lops with English Spots. While they effectively created a broken example, they neglected to keep the Holland's rollback hide. To cure that, the raisers at that point acquainted their Holland Lop rabbits with French Angoras, which have acclaimed delicate rollback coats. The outcome was a fleece quality brought into the Holland Lop quality pool, and in the end, Hollands with long coats were found in litters. These were sold to individuals who delighted in the rabbit's little, cut eared, wooly coat qualities.