american fuzzy lop rabbit

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The American Fuzzy Lop has a short, thick body. They have an expansive chest, short shoulders and wide, profound, balanced rump with a lot of muscles. Their fluffy ears tumble to the sides of their heads.

The American Fuzzy Lop is sweet, lively rabbit that is known to be extraordinary for show, hide and pet purposes. Their wooly coat is extraordinary to be flaunted to the world and the American Fuzzy Lop is a most loved in rivalries. For down to earth purposes, this present rabbit's hide can be spun and made into various types of garments. Their inquisitive, perky state of mind makes them incredible pets for singles, seniors and families alike inasmuch as they are given a lot of adoration, friendship and a place to give their vitality a chance to run free (a fenced yard would be more than adequate).