angus cattle

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The Aberdeen Angus breed (or Angus as it is known globally) was created in the early piece of the nineteenth Century from the surveyed and dominatingly dark steers of North east Scotland referred to locally as "doddies" and "hummlies". Likewise with different types of cows and sheep in Britain, foundation took after upgrades in farming and transport. The soonest families follow back to the center of the eighteenth century yet it was considerably later that the Herd Book (1862) and the Society (1879) were established. The early history of the breed is the historical backdrop of its raisers, dynamic lairds and ranchers, of whom three were exceptional.

Hugh Watson ended up noticeably occupant of Keillor in Angus in 1808. He accumulated stock broadly and delivered dairy cattle of exceptional quality and character. Hugh Watson could be viewed as the originator of the breed, and was instrumental in choosing the best dark, surveyed creatures for his group. His most loved bull was Old Jock, who was conceived 1842 and sired by Gray-Breasted Jock. Old Jock was given the number "1" in the Scotch Herd Book when it was established. Another of Watson's striking creatures was a bovine: Old Granny who was conceived in 1824 and said to have lived to be 35 years of age and delivered 29 calves. A dominant part of Angus cows alive today can follow their families back to these two creatures.