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The Shorthorn type of cows started in the North East of England in the late eighteenth century. The breed was created as double reason, appropriate for both dairy and meat generation; be that as it may, certain blood lines inside the breed constantly underscored one quality or the other. After some time, these distinctive lines wandered, and by the second 50% of the twentieth century, two separate breeds had created – the Beef Shorthorn, and the Milking Shorthorn. All Shorthorn cows are shaded red, white, or roan, albeit roan dairy cattle are favored by a few, and totally white creatures are not normal. Be that as it may, one kind of Shorthorn has been reproduced to be reliably white – the Whitebred Shorthorn, which was created to cross with dark Galloway cows to deliver a well known blue roan crossbreed, the Blue Gray.